Editor Man is an award-winning web series starring, written, and directed by Ben Fraternale, Executive Produced by Diane Cricchio at TimeLine Video © 2017. Below are the existing episodes.

Who is Editor Man? – A TimeLine Documentary
With the ability to edit space and time, this mysterious everyman stumbles through life in the shadows…until now.





Editor Man: The Trailer
How did this bumbling man end up with his powers? The Editor Man trailer offers a glimpse into his backstory.

Editor Man: Editor Mannequin Challenge
After he walks in on a flurry of arguments in his office, Editor Man hits the pause button and tries to lighten the mood.

Editor Man: Damsel in Distress
Editor Man comes face to face with a loaded weapon when he attempts to use his powers for good.

Editor Man: The Reckoning Pt. 1
A shocking visitor from Editor Man’s past leads to a seismic realization.

Editor Man: The Trophy
After narrowly escaping danger, Editor Man suddenly finds himself staring at an award for the Editor Man Original Series.

Editor Man Saves Christmas
On Christmas Eve, Editor Man encounters Santa Claus himself – the result is lethal.

Editor Man: Episode 5
Editor Man makes his big splash, then encounters a system error.

Editor Man: Episode 4
Editor Man makes his big break.

Editor Man: Episode 3
Ever sleep through that pesky alarm clock? Editor Man is equipped to deal with the consequences.

Editor Man: Episode 2
Editor Man enjoys the wonderful sounds of nature.

Editor Man: Episode 1
In the premiere of Editor Man, the titular hero runs over an unsuspecting pedestrian.

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Executive Producer, Diane Cricchio at TimeLine Video